Shared Mobility

Shared Mobility Projects

Los Angeles Car Dependence Study

This study aims to explore mobility patterns in LA and identify possibilities for more environmentally sustainable and socially equitable transportation using a detailed survey capturing Angelenos’ current travel choices, mobility needs, and mobility-related attitudes.

California Panel Study of Emerging Transportation Trends

This research will expand the current statewide panel study to investigate emerging trends in travel behavior, vehicle ownership, adoption of shared mobility and propensities towards the use of AVs.

The Pulse of the Nation: Nationwide Study on the Adoption of Emerging Transportation Technologies

The purposes of this nationwide annual survey are to investigate the rapid changes in the adoption and frequency of use of shared mobility services and their impacts on the use of other means of transportation among different groups of users.

Redesigning the Sidewalk at the Time of Micromobility

This project will pilot solar charging infrastructure for micromobility. Specifically, the installation of a solar charging station at UC Davis West Village.

Travel Patterns of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) Drivers and Impacts on Transportation Demand

This project will investigate the travel behavior and choices of TNC drivers and riders using recently-collected travel diary data.This project will investigate the travel behavior and choices of TNC drivers and riders using recently-collected travel diary data.

Dockless Electric Bike Share effect on Travel, Behavior, Attitudes, Health, and Equity

The goal of this study is to examine the travel behavior and attitudes of users and non-users of SACOG’s new dockless electric-bike share system.

International Survey of Ridehailing Use and Shared Mobility in Four Metropolitan Areas of Developing Countries: Beijing, Mexico City, Mumbai and Sao Paolo

This project aims to explore the factors affecting the adoption and frequency of ride-hailing service usages in growing metro areas of four selected developing countries.

International Survey on Shared Transportation Services

This project will launch a new data collection in US, Chile, Germany and the United Kingdom to investigate the adoption of new shared mobility solutions.

Micromobility Services in the US

In this study we will develop an understanding of the market adoption of micromobility services.

Enhancing equitable service level: Which can address better, dockless or dock-based Bikeshare systems?

Study about dockless bikeshare systems and how they may effectively replace dock-based systems.

Disrupted Transportation: Adoption of Emerging Transportation Technologies in the US

Ride-hailing services have experienced significant growth in adoption since the introduction of Uber, in 2009. Although business models to support the sharing of vehicles (e.g., carsharing) have been present in the United States for more than 15 years, their adoption has been somewhat limited to niche markets in dense, urban cities or college campuses.

The Influence of Ridesharing Availability on Drunk-Driving Fatalities in US Metropolitan Areas

This study will update the 2016 national study, and expand our knowledge by identifying the association between Uber/Lyft deployment and drunk-driving fatality rates in US metropolitan areas, as well as other moderating effects.

Assessing the Potential for Microtransit Solutions to Complement Fixed-Route Transit Services

This multi-part project studies a microtransit feasibility and conducts a paratransit efficiency assessment for a transit agency operating in California.

The Effects of Ride-Hailing Services on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Ride-hailing services, which allow consumers to order and pay for rides through smart phone applications, have grown to a substantial proportion of the transportation market. 

Transit Agency Partnerships with Ridehailing Companies

In early 2016 the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority implemented a pilot program in partnership with Uber and United Taxi (a local company) to provide subsidized travel for trips to and from specified public transportation stops (Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority).