The Pulse of the Nation: Nationwide Study on the Adoption of Emerging Transportation Technologies

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Giovanni Circella


We are launching an annual data collection in selected regions of the US, to investigate the rapid changes in the adoption and frequency of use of shared mobility services, including ridehailing, carsharing, bikesharing, e-scooter sharing and their impacts on the use of other means of transportation, in various parts of the US and among  different  groups  of  users.  The survey will also include  a  stated  preference  component  to  investigate respondents' preferences towards various subscription plans and the factors affecting individuals' multimodality and  the  adoption  of  Mobility  as  a  Service  solution,  i.e.  under what conditions/circumstances individuals are more likelyto ditch their own private vehicles and use a combination of non-motorized and motorized modes for various trip purposes. We plan to continuously monitor the changes in attitudes and preferences toward the use of AVs among various population groups, as we get closer to the actual deployment of this transportation technology. This study will shed light on various topics, including the evolving impacts of new shared mobility services on various components of travel behavior and vehicle ownership, the factors affecting the propensity to use MaaS solution packages (i.e. combination of travel modes) instead of driving a private vehicle, and the changes in attitudes toward autonomous vehicles and the use of shared vs. privately-owned AVs.