California Panel Study of Emerging Transportation Trends

ca panel pic

Principal Investigator

Giovanni Circella

Additional Researchers

Farzad Alemi, Susan Handy, Patricia Mokhtarian, Lew Fulton


The California Panel Study of Emerging Transportation Trends investigates the evolution of travel patterns and the adoption of new transportation technologies in California. The project was launched in 2015, and a new round of data collection was carried out in 2018. The multiple rounds of surveys collect information on individual attitudes and lifestyles, residential location, vehicle ownership, travel behavior, the adoption of shared mobility services, propensity to use autonomous vehicles, and the plans to purchase/change a vehicle in the household. This panel study improves the understanding of the impacts of emerging technologies and shared mobility services, including ridehailing (e.g., Uber and Lyft) and pooled ridehailing services (e.g., UberPOOL and Lyft Line), on vehicle ownership and travel behavior, e.g., the use of other travel modes, while controlling for other changes in transportation trends in California through the application of a unique longitudinal approach.


The study received funding by the National Center for Sustainable Transportation and Caltrans. Additional funding was provided by the STEPS Consortium.

Additional Resources



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2019 NCST webinar "The Adoption of Shared Mobility in California and Its Impacts on the Use of Other Travel Modes" (WEBINAR)
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