The 3 Revolutions Policy Briefs reflects a body of work that was started at the 3 Revolutions Conference in November 2016, where leaders from across the United States and Europe came together to discuss the future of transportation. During the conference attendees discussed topics that were developed into a series of policy briefs to introduce policy challenges, recommendations and research needs on a variety of topics. Some of these policy briefs are more prescriptive, offering recommendations from the authors based on a foundation of established, ongoing research. Some of the policy briefs raise more questions than answers. All the briefs reflect the opinions of the authors and contributors and not UC Davis. 

The latest policy brief titled Electric Vehicle Charging Considerations for Shared, Automated Fleets is available here:

April 2017 Released Policy Briefs:

Keeping Vehicle Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Check in a Driverless Vehicle World

Giovanni Circella, University of California at Davis
Chris Ganson, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research*
Caroline Rodier, University of California at Davis
*For identification purposes only

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Land Use and Transportation Policies

Marco Anderson, Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)
Nico Larco, University of Oregon
Contributors: Giovanni Circella, University of California at Davis
Lisa Aultman-Hall, University of Vermont

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February 2017 Policy Briefs: