Xiaodong Qian, Ph.D.

Xiaodong Qian

Position Title
Postdoctoral Researcher


Xiaodong is a Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering by the University of California, Davis and holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Tsinghua University with a double major with Economics and Management. His research interests include E-commerce, shared mobility, emerging technology, transportation equity, traffic health, and safety, and urban planning. He uses spatial analysis, optimization, statistical analysis, machine learning, big data visualization tools in his research. Xiaodong received the National Center for Sustainable Transportation (NCST) Dissertation Award in fall 2017, ITS-Davis Corporate Affiliate Fellowship sponsored by BMW in 2016, and support from “National College Students' Innovative Training Plan” in 2012. He has been a research intern with the Civil Engineering Department of Purdue University.