Tho V Le, Ph.D.

Tho V Le, Ph.D.

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Position Title
Postdoctoral Researcher


Tho Le is a postdoctoral scholar in the 3 Revolutions Future Mobility Program at the University of California, Davis’s Institute of Transportation Studies. Tho got a Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University where he also earned a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering. Prior to coming to Purdue, Tho obtained a Master's degree in Transportation Planning and Engineering from Hiroshima University, Japan.

Tho has been working on several topics including travel behavior, demand modeling, survey design and implementation, freight transport and logistics, and transportation management and policy.

Tho has experiences in research, consulting, engineering, and project management, given he has diverse background in transportation engineering and operations research.


Research interests:

Travel Behavior

Demand Modeling

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Future Mobility and Emerging Transportation Services

Transportation Systems

Freight Transport and Logistics Modeling

Data-Driven for Transportation Planning (big data)

Data Mining/Machine Learning