Keita Makino

Keita Makino photo

Position Title
Graduate Student Researcher


Keita is a Ph.D. candidate in Transportation Technology and Policy, UC Davis, Davis. His research interests include interested in data science and statistical analysis, survey design, web-development framework, front-end framework, database management, query language, and Visualization platforms. He has interned for Qualtrics-map, Surveymark Inc., UniversalGiving, and CivLeagueJP” Civilization Multiplayer Matchmaking Project. He has received the Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Fellowship at UC Davis, the James A. Ditch Education Fund, the Scholarship for International Student Training Program and the Design the Future Fund. He holds a M.S. in Civil Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona and a B.E. in Physics and Physico-Informatics from Keio University, Japan.