RideSharing Has A Massive Role To Play In Mitigating CO2 Emissions

Ridesharing And Renewable Energy Sources Are Critical To The Success Of This Proposed Revolution
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RideSharing Has A Massive Role To Play In Mitigating CO2 Emissions

By RideShark.com

There Can Be An 80% Cut In CO2 Emissions If Cities Embrace 3 Revolutions (3R) In Vehicle Technology …

  • Automation
  • Electrification, and, most importantly
  • Ride Sharing

As the transportation trends of passenger vehicle automation and electrification continue, new research concludes that adding extensive ride sharing to the mix could reduce CO2 emissions from all transportation sources around the globe by more than 80%. The report, “Three Revolutions in Urban Transportation”, examined these three revolutions in urban transportation and found all three together could cut the cost of vehicles, infrastructure and transportation system operation by more than 40%.

“Electric cars and automation are important, but they will not change much about how we move about our cities and could even make traffic congestion worse…With a major increase in ride sharing in both taxi-like vehicles and micro-transit, we could cut traffic by at least 50%. Electrification and sharing will also be critical for cutting CO2 emissions.”—Lewis Fulton, co-director of the STEPS program at the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies.

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