Planning in the Face of Transportation Revolutions

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Dan Sperling, director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis, peers at a shared, electric, and driverless shuttle operating at the Bishop Ranch Business park in San Ramon. Joseph Proudman/UC Davis

Planning in the Face of Transportation Revolutions

by Marco Anderson

The 3 Revolutions Policy Initiative at the University of California Davis’ Institute of Transportation Studies recently released a policy brief on "Land Use Planning and Transportation Policies" to summarize the actions planners can take to embrace the transportation revolutions.  

Convergence of "The 3 Revolutions" – The 3 Revolutions brief aims to identify a sustainable path forward. Through the convergence of shared mobility, automation, and electrification, there is the potential to mitigate the negative externalities of 20th century auto-oriented sprawl, negate any additional sprawl associated with automation, and provide rapid responses to enable sharing and electrification.

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