Modeling 3Revolutions Futures (in cooperation with EF)

3rev scenarios pic


Lew Fulton


STEPS created an urban travel model that allows scenario development of future global shifts in patterns, technologies and fuels, and estimate their impacts on costs and CO2 emissions. The report “Three revolutions scenarios” was produced in 2017 and work continued on costing out various mode options and “use cases” in 2018. In 2019 a deeper analysis of hedonic costs is the next logical step, coupled with a return to full modeling of the broader set of costs of travel choices, and a probability analysis of different future scenarios. Policy implications could also be investigated. An initial analysis would be done in the US context but also be extended to other world regions as international survey efforts we are involved in provide a foundation for this


2018 Three Revolutions in Urban Passenger Travel by Lewis M. Fulton and Junia Compostella (JOURNAL ARTICLE)
2017  Three Revolutions in Urban Transportation by Lew Fulton, Jacob Mason, Dominique Meroux (REPORT)