DEEP DIVE: Travel Demand Impacts, Telecommuting, Active Mobility, Transit Ridership, and Car Ownership during COVID-19 (Sponsors Only)

Event Date

Virtual Event
  • Welcome by Giovanni Circella
  • Teleworking and Commute Patterns during the Pandemic in Canada, Chile, Germany, and the USA. Jai Malik.
  • Changes in the Use of Public Transportation. Mikayla Elder.
  • Changes in the use of Active Travel Modes during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Sean McElroy
  • Changes in Car Ownership and Intention to Purchase a Vehicle. Jaime Soza-Parra.
  • General Discussion lead by Adam Sykes from (BMW) and Matt Friedman (Caltrans)


Materials are posted on the password-protected Sponsor Site. If you need help accessing this site, plase contact program manager Rosa Dominguez-Faus.

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