Inaugural 2016 3 Revolutions Policy Conference

Inaugural 3R Policy Conference - 2016

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Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center

The first ever 3 Revolutions Policy conference marked a critical moment for the transportation policy community. For the first time in many decades, the passenger transportation system is experiencing massive innovation. These innovations could lead toward dramatically different futures. One future could be more urban sprawl, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and unhealthy cities and individuals. The other future could bring huge public and private benefits, including more transport choices, greater affordability and accessibility, and healthier, more livable cities, along with less vehicle use and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

This conference will focus on key policies and strategies that will put us on the latter path—focusing on potential synergies between electrification, automation, and vehicle and ride sharing, and those policies that enhance the synergies. Key questions include timing (will changes be evolutionary or revolutionary), role of different levels of government, and relative importance of different policy goals and innovations.

We are inviting leading transportation experts and policy leaders to help design policies for rapidly evolving technological and service innovations. This conference will be highly interactive and engaging, reflecting the reality that policies and research are lagging what is happening in the marketplace.

A product of the conference will be a series of policy briefs, followed by a book—with contributions from many of the conference participants.

Conference Program Committee

  • Don Anair, UCS
  • Alberto Ayala, California ARB
  • Emily Castor, Lyft
  • Jamie Dean, 11th Hour Project
  • Robbie Diamond, SAFE
  • Amanda Eaken, NRDC
  • Anthony Eggert, ClimateWorks
  • Chris Ganson, California Governor’s Office
  • Peter Kosak, General Motors
  • Patty Monahan, Energy Foundation
  • Timothy Papandreou, Google X
  • Sahar Shirazi, California Governor’s Office
  • Dan Sperling, UC Davis (chair)

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