DEEP DIVE: Decarbonizing Ridehailing: The Clean Miles Standard (CMS) Program in California (Sponsors Only)

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  • Welcome by Giovanni Circella
  • Modeling Modal Substitution and Induced Travel of Ridehailing in California. James Giller (presented by Giovanni Circella)
  • Ridehailing Use, Travel Pattern and Multimodal Lifestyle: A Latent-class Cluster Analysis of One-week GPS-based Travel Diaries in California. Xiatian (Summer) Iogansen
  • An Investigation of the Factors that Affect the Use of Pooled Ridehailing Services in California. Junia Compostella
  • Design Strategies to Promote Pooled Ride-hailing and TNC Driver EV Adoption. Angela Sanguinetti
  • Which electric vehicle drivers drive more hours on TNCs? Ken Kurani
  • Discussion led by guest discussant Joshua Cunningham from CARB

Materials are posted on the password-protected Sponsor Site. If you need help accessing this site, plase contact program manager Rosa Dominguez-Faus.

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