2020 3RFM Research Workshop

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Virtual Event



8:45   Informal networking

9:00  Welcome

9:05  Session 1: COVID19 Impacts on Transportation

  • Temporary vs. Longer-Term Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mobility. Giovanni Circella
  • How Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect the Future of US Transport? Deborah Salon (ASU)
  • Discussants:  Jaimee Lederman (SCAG) and Leonard Seitz, Sonya Collier and Robert Bregoff (Caltrans)

10:30 Transportation, Equity, and the COVID Crisis.  Evelyn Blumenberg (UCLA)

11:00 Break

11:15 Session 2: Decarbonizing TNCs

  • Optimizing Charging Infrastructure Buildout for TNC Electrification. Alan Jenn
  • Barriers and Solutions to Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Ridehailing in California. Mischa Young  
  • To Partner or Not to Partner: An Investigation Into Transit Agencies' Pursuit of Ridehailing Partnerships. Susie Pike 
  • Discussant: Joshua Cunningham (CARB)

12:45 Adjourn 





8:45   Informal networking

9:00 Welcome

9:05 Session 3: Vehicle Automation

  • The Potential for Dynamic Ridesharing With and Without Automation in Los Angeles County with Pricing Policies. Huajun Chai, Ihab Kaddoura, and Caroline Rodier 
  • Vehicle Design Strategies to Support a Return to Ride-pooling in the Wake of the Pandemic. Angela Sanguinetti 
  • Efficiency Analysis of Autonomous Delivery Robots (ADRs). Miguel Jaller
  • Discussant: Jonas Fenn (Volvo Cars)

10:30 Fireside Chat with Billy Riggs (University of San Francisco) and Nico Larco (University of Oregon) facilitated by Mollie D’Agostino 

11:00 Break

11:15 Session 4: Micromobility

  • Potential Role of Shared Micro-Mobility to Complement Public Transit: the Case of San Francisco amid the Coronavirus Crisis. Xiaodong Qian
  • Examining the Effect of the Sacramento Area Dockless Bike-Share on VMT and Transit Usse. Dillon Fitch
  • Facilitating Micromobility for First- and Last-Mile Connection with Public Transit through Environmental Design:  A Case Study of California Bay Area Rapid Transit Stations. Beth Ferguson
  • Discussant: Sabrina Bradbury (SACOG) 

12:45 Adjourn


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