Carsharing in Dubai

Principal Investigator:

Giovanni Circella

Additional Researchers:

Farzad Alemi, Pat Mokhtarian


This project focuses on the analysis of the mobility patterns in The Sustainable City (TSC), a sustainabilityinspired environmental-friendly community in Dubai (partially inspired by the UC Davis West Village), and the investigation of the market for an EV-carsharing program to be developed in the community and the travel behavior impacts of the deployment of a driverless shuttle. The purpose of this study is to understand the adoption and challenges associated with the deployment of new technology-enabled transportation services, including carsharing services and driverless shuttles in TSC, other areas of Dubai and other sustainabilityinspired communities in emerging-economy countries. In this research we also plan to evaluate the impact of these new services on different components of travel behavior such as activity patterns, mode choice and vehicle ownership through a before and after research design.