3 Revolution Framing Document

In November 2016, the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis (ITS-Davis) convened leading academic, government, private industry, and public interest stakeholders to explore science-based policies that could steer the three transportation revolutions- shared mobility, electrification, and autonomous vehicles, toward the public interest. The resulting conversations led to the launch of the 3 Revolutions Policy Initiative This framing document aims to summarize the mission and objectives of the policy Initiative.

Framing Document


After many decades of little innovation in passenger travel, three transportation revolutions—shared mobility, electrification and autonomous vehicles—are about to transform our cities, lifestyles and much more. Many of these innovations will lead to positive changes. We can envision a dream scenario where people have plentiful, accessible and affordable mobility options. They travel safely, use their travel time productively, and have more free time. In this dream scenario the air is cleaner and communities are vibrant and well connected. But we could also envision a nightmare scenario, with much more vehicle use, greenhouse gas emissions and sprawl. Growing mobility inequities could make many low-income people stuck in traffic while wealthier riders enjoy faster travel times. In this nightmare scenario more people are more car-dependent, and spend more time to get around. Our government policies, together with decisions by business, travelers, and civil society, will largely determine whether we head toward the dreamy or nightmarish future....For More Info.