Giovanni Circella

  • California panel of emerging travel patterns focuses on changes in travel behavior, impacts of ridehailing, propensity towards AVs

  • Georgia study of emerging travel patterns (technically a GT project, but very related to the one above, but for Georgia, and based also on the integration with NHTS data)

  • Southern Cities study - study about adoption of new trends in Phoenix, Austin, Atlanta and cities in Florida

  • Dubai project: assisting The Sustainable City in Dubai with the design of a EV carsharing program and deployment of AV shuttle

  • Nevada study (proposal only now) - similar to #1 and #2 but for Nevada

  • Samtrans partnership with TNC - a new project we are starting exploring integration of TNC and transit

Lew Fulton

The costs of 3 Revolutions1.

1. An analysis of private vehicle and shared/on demand vehicle costs, broken out by cost categories and including market and “hedonic” costs. Various use cases are compared in the CA context, including ICE, EV and EV/AV (CAV) vehicles, and under different assumptions. (See Page 18 of SB1 Document)

Three Revolutions in Transportation 

2. The report delves into the societal impacts of rapidly approaching developments in transportation technology: vehicle automation, electrification and shared mobility. The key findings point towards the latter revolution, shared mobility (which includes pooled ride-hailing, carpools, public transport, etc.) as the linchpin in ensuring that the revolutions produce the most public and environmental benefits. Without a concurrent shift away from private vehicle ownership and toward ride-pooling, the potential for electric, autonomous vehicles to improve traffic, emissions and livability is limited.











Susie Pike

  1. Evaluating the need for policy interventions - interview based project; gathering perspectives from MPOs/RTPAs, City Planners, State Agencies, NGOs, TNCs about the right policies to increase multi-passenger trips with on-demand ridehailing

  1. Transit and Ridehailing partnerships - will start next month; survey of all the transit operators involved in partnerships with ridehail providers to identify common challenges, evaluation criteria and outcomes, and develop best practices for the future of these partnerships.

Caroline Rodier

1. Travel Effects and Associated Green House Gas Emissions of Automated Vehicles
2. The Effects of Ride Hailing Services on Travel and Associated Greenhouse Gas Emissions
3. Simulation of Ridesourcing Using Agent-Based Demand and Supply Regional Models





Alan Jenn

  1. Perceptions of new mobility users on adoption of EVs (just published)

  2. Use of electric vehicles in Lyft fleets - project examining the use of Chevy Bolts in the Express Drive program in SD, LA, and SF using high resolution trip and charging data (link) (link)

  3. Impacts of 3R on infrastructure funding - part of the SB1 project examining funding mechanisms for electric vehicles (Page 6 of SB1 Document)

Scott Hardman

Automation, electrification, and shared vehicles survey for BMW. Survey of EV owners and gas car owners in 36 states investigating attitudes to electric, shared, and autonomous vehicles.