Farzad Alemi, Ph.D.

Farzad Alemi pic

Position Title
Postdoctoral Researcher



Farzad Alemi completed his Ph.D. in Transportation Technology and Policy at the University of California, Davis, and he has been recently hired as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Transportation Studies of UC Davis. Farzad received outstanding student of the year award from University Transportation Center program (U.S. DOT) and National Center for Sustainable Transportation in recognition of his achievement in and contribution to transportation research and education. His research interests include travel behavior, travel demand modeling, travel survey methods, emerging transportation services, autonomous vehicles, travel demand management strategies, sustainability and policy analysis. Prior to coming to Davis, Farzad received his MS in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Greenwich, and his BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Iran University of Science and Technology. He is currently working on several projects related to understanding the impacts of new shared mobility services and vehicle automation on travel demand and vehicle ownership.

Research Interests

  • Travel Behavior
  • Travel Demand Modeling
  • Survey/Behavioral Experiment Design
  • Future Mobility and Emerging Transportation Services
  • Discrete Choice Modeling Machine/Deep Learning