Summary of the 3 Revolutions Policy Conference

The 3 Revolutions Policy Conference held on March 18th–19th, 2019 provided an opportunity to push the narrative forward on public policy solutions to address three revolutionary transportation trends: vehicle automation, electrification, and shared mobility. The conference brought nearly 350 registered attendees from government, industry, academia, and the nonprofit sector together in a sold-out auditorium at the UC Davis Conference Center. Speakers and attendees asked questions about how fleets—including ridehailing vehicle fleets (e.g., Uber and Lyft)—are electrifying their service vehicles, unpacked the nuances of how new transportation technology business models are impacting public transit, and identified policy pathways for ensuring these technologies can enable communities to help achieve their equity goals. The conference also dug into issues around the workforce, data privacy, and road pricing, among other topics.

Panels With Audio recording:

  • Data and Privacy—Striking the Appropriate Governance Balance (see partial recording below, or find the session at Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast on your podcast player of choice)
    • Moderator: Jeffrey Wood, The Overhead Wire
    • Regina Clewlow, Populus
    • Warren Logan, San Francisco County Transportation Authority
    • Mollie Pelon, Open Transport Partnership & SharedStreets

Panels With Formal Presentations:

Panels Without Formal Presentations:

  • Policy Impacts to New Mobility and Automaker Business Models
    • Moderator: Dan Sperling, ITS-Davis
    • Andrei Greenwalt's Presentation, Via
    • Jeffery Hoover, Jeffrey Hoover, Zipcar
    • Debs Schrimmer, Lyft
    • Eric Danko, Cruise Automation
  • (De) Congestion Pricing (recorded- partial version to be released soon)
    • Moderator: Randol White, Anchor/Reporter, "All Things Considered", Capital Public Radio
    • Tilly Chang, Executive Director, San Francisco County Transportation Authority
    • Amanda Eaken, Director Transportation and Climate, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Automated Vehicle Liability and Insurance
    • Moderator: Greg Rodriguez, Best Best & Krieger Law
    • Gordon Anderson, UC Davis Policy Institute for Energy, Environment, and the Economy, UC Davis Law Student
    • Garrett Eucalito, Environment, Energy & Transportation Division, National Governors Association
    • Dorothy Glancy, Santa Clara University School of Law
  • Automated Vehicle Safety in California
    • Jim Epperson, California Highway Patrol
    • Bernard C. Soriano, California DMV
  • Workforce Impacts of the Revolutions
    • Moderator: Peter Cooper, Assistant Director, Employment Training Panel
    • Austin Brown, Director, UC Davis Policy Institute for Energy, Environment, and the Economy
    • Sahar Shirazi, Policy and Planning Lead, AVs and Emerging Mobility at WSP USA
    • JB Tengco, West Coast Director, BlueGreen Alliance
  • From 5G to Self Driving: How Connectivity is Shaping the Future of Self-Driving
    • Katie Fehrenbacher, Senior writer and analyst covering transportation for GreenBiz Group, and chair of VERGE Transport.
    • Louis Stewart, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Sacramento

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