Conference Session 2018-How to Overcome Barriers to Pricing: Roadways, Parking and Curbspace

Chris Ganson

Chris Ganson is a Senior Planner at the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research.  His work is focused at the intersection of transportation, land use policy, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.  He serves as technical lead on the implementation of SB 743, which transitions California from LOS to VMT as the central metric of transportation impact. He has been with OPR since 2011, and previously held positions at EPA Region 9, the World Resources Institute, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He holds a BA in Environmental Sciences, and master’s degrees in City Planning and Transportation Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

Andrew Salzberg

Andrew Salzberg is the head of transportation and policy research at Uber where he focuses on making Uber a vital part of urban transportation in the future through research. Before joining Uber, he worked for the World Bank on public transportation investments in East Asia, for Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates where he worked on projects regarding shared parking design and public outreach strategies, and for Transport London where he sought to identify how to combine GPS with larger databases to enable better allocation. He holds a bachelor of civil engineering from McGill University and a masters in Urban Planning from Harvard University.

Amanda Eaken

Amanda Eaken is the Director of Transportation and Climate for the Natural Resources Defense Council in San Francisco, where she is focused on decarbonizing the transportation sector. In addition to pioneering groundbreaking legislation such as California’s Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act, she has been a leading advocate for reforming California’s policies and practices to advance sustainable urbanization and low-carbon mobility solutions. Prior to joining NRDC, Eaken managed the development of affordable housing in the Bay Area. She holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental and evolutionary biology from Dartmouth College and a master’s in transportation and land-use planning from UC Berkeley

Andrei Greenwalt

Andrei Greenwalt is the Vice President for Public Policy at Via where he leads the company’s policy and government affairs efforts. From 2009-2014, he worked on policy issues at the White House, including as Policy Advisor in the Office of the Chief of Staff and as the Associate Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA).  He also served in the White House offices of Cabinet Affairs and Legislative Affairs.  In addition, Andrei has been a Council on Foreign Relations Fellow in Japan, a law clerk to two Federal judges, and a staff member on the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform. He is a graduate of Princeton University and Yale Law School.

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