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What are the three revs?

The rapid adoption of shared mobility services and electric vehicles, coupled with the prospect of driverless vehicles, has the potential to radically transform how people and goods move in advanced and emerging economies. Three revolutions in transportation — shared mobility, electrification and autonomous vehicles — will fundamentally change transportation around the world. Rigorous research and impartial policy analysis are urgently needed to understand the impacts of these transportation revolutions, and to guide industry investments and government decision-making.

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Sacramento, Calif., to Launch Microtransit Pilot

January 16, 2018
Sacramento, Calif., to Launch Microtransit Pilot

by Tony Bizjack

Sacramento’s Regional Transit agency is about to launch an experiment that many say could open a dramatic new future for mass transportation – one that doesn’t involve walking to a bus stop and wondering when the next bus will arrive.

It’s called “microtransit,” a service similar to the rideshare model popularized by Uber but reliant on shuttle buses or vans that riders request via smartphone. The shuttles pick riders up wherever they are and drop them off where they want to go.